Name ROI()
Examples ROI

OpenCV opencv;

size( 240, 180 );

opencv = new OpenCV( this );     // create a new OpenCV Object
opencv.loadImage( "des.jpg" );   // load image from file

// set the region of interest
opencv.ROI( 25, 30, 70, 90 );

opencv.threshold(80);            // do something inside
image( opencv.image(), 0, 0 );   // show in sketch

Description Set image region of interest to the given rectangle. This methods isolates a sub-section of the current image for all subsequent activity. To clear the Region of Interest back to the entire image, call ROI(null);
Syntax ROI(rect);
ROI(x, y, width, height);
rect Rectangle : the new region of interest or null to reset
x int : the region x-coordinate
y int : the region y-coordinate
width int : the region width
height int : the region height
Return None
Usage Application