Name remember()
Examples absDiff

OpenCV opencv;

void setup() {

    size( 320, 240 );

    // open video stream
    opencv = new OpenCV( this );
    opencv.capture( 160, 120 );

void draw() {;                               // grab frame from camera
    image( opencv.image(), 0, 0);                // show the original image

    opencv.absDiff();                            // make the difference between the current image and the image in memory

    image( opencv.image(OpenCV.MEMORY), 160, 0 );  // display the image in memory on the right
    image( opencv.image(), 160, 120 );             // display the result on the bottom right

void keyPressed() {
    opencv.remember();  // store the actual image in memory
Description Place the image (original or current) in memory. If specified, flip the stored image around the given axis. Used by absDiff() to compare two images (for background extraction, for example).
Syntax remember();
remember(type, mode);
type int : which image to be stored: SOURCE or BUFFER
mode int : the used axis: FLIP_HORIZONTAL, FLIP_VERTICAL or FLIP_BOTH
Return None
Usage Application