Name allocate()
Examples copy

OpenCV opencv;

size( 120, 160 );
opencv = new OpenCV(this);
opencv.allocate(width,height);                        // create the bufer
opencv.copy("niolon.jpg");                            // copy the image in its entirety into buffer
opencv.interpolation(OpenCV.INTER_NN);                // set the interpolation method
opencv.copy("niolon.jpg",50,70,20,20,20,20,80,80);    // copy a part of the image into buffer
image( opencv.image(), 0, 0 );                        // show buffer

Description Allocate required buffer with the given size.

This method allows you to create your own (blank) image buffer to work on.

Except for creating an empty buffer, this method should not be directly used.
capture(), movie() and loadImage() methods will automatically re-allocate the current buffer.

Syntax allocate(width, height);
Return None
Usage Application